Zebras Run Wild In City

Zebras Run Wild In City

Three zebras we captured on camera by a resident in Brussels running wild through the streets. The zebras had cleverly escaped from a local ranch in Vilvoorde before charging through the city streets at what looks as galloping speed.

The person who captured this footage was a student called Ludovic Bytebier who was looking out the window of a nearby building. Two of the zebras were filmed running in the road while the third stuck to safety on the pavement. While the footage is only a few seconds long the zebras were loose for over an hour before they were eventually cornered.



It took a total of two police teams and a traffic team to finally corner the animals and seize them to be taken back to the ranch. It is unclear as to how the zebras got loose but it’s certain the ranch owner has been asked to keep things a little more secure in the future.

We have the video of the zebras captured running through the street, they are running at some speed there!

[iframe width=”420″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/VjWcV3l7mvc”]



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