Your Smartphone Could Soon Be Your Hand With New Technology

Your Smartphone Could Soon Be Your Hand With New Technology

This one may sound like it’s coming from a far-fetched sci-fi movie but the fact is you could soon be able to use the skin on your hand just like your smartphone’s touch screen.
UK scientists have been able to create, and test successfully, tactile sensations on the palm of a human hand using ultralight beams.

Your hand is seen as the potential next generation for displaying your smartphone or smartwatches but at the moment it relies on pins which need to contact the skin to work…but it won’t be long before this hurdle is jumped over.

ultrasound transmitters on your hand

The new technology is being called SkinHaptics and works by sending sensations to the palm from the back of the hand so your palm is completely free to display the device’s screen.

The team from the University of Sussex is the first to find a way for users to feel what they are doing when interacting with displays projected onto their hand.

The device works by sending ultrasound waves through the hand using a technique called time-reversal. These ultrasound waves become more targeted as they travel through the hand and end up at a specific point on the screen on the palm.

Professor Sriram Subramanian, who leads the research team at the University of Sussex, said: “Wearables are already big business and will only get bigger.

using your smartphone on your hand

“But as we wear technology more, it gets smaller and we look at it less, and therefore multisensory capabilities become much more important.

“If you imagine you are on your bike and want to change the volume control on your smartwatch, the interaction space on the watch is very small. So companies are looking at how to extend this space to the hand of the user.

“What we offer people is the ability to feel their actions when they are interacting with the hand.”

The findings were presented at the IEEE Haptics Symposium in Philadelphia, by the study’s co-author Dr Daniel Spelmezan.

So we could be entering the next phase of technology very soon!

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