Youngster Mistakes Cassette Slot In Car For iPhone Dock And Regrets It

Youngster Mistakes Cassette Slot In Car For iPhone Dock And Regrets It

This story just goes to show how fast technology is moving these days and that today’s youngsters haven’t the foggiest idea about what a cassette player is. You know the more I write about modern day technology, the more I realise how old I am actually getting.

In a modern car you expect to have at least a CD player, and most of the time now an iPhone dock or USB port…but back in the old days of the 90’s and earlier such things were never heard of in a car, you were stuck with a radio and a cassette player.

So even though many of us are old enough to remember those brilliant in-car cassette players it seems as though this young man hadn’t a single clue what it actually was; in fact he thought it was an iPhone dock and slid his phone inside only to end up with a scratched up screen.

He was so baffled as to why it scratched his screen he took the car to see a garage mechanic and complained that the “dock” was scratching his iPhone.

cassette player is not an iphone dock


Pictures were shared on Facebook by Mike Smith ad Buick GMC to show the phone fitting perfectly into the tape slot which is actually intended for cassette tapes. The pictures also reveal the scratches sustained by the iPhone which is what, a good 15 years ahead of the tape deck? – only 15 years! wow how things are speeding ahead!

So a young driver stops in with an older car complaining that the iPhone dock in his vehicle isn’t working and its…

Posted by Mike Smith Buick GMC onĀ Tuesday, 25 August 2015


The Facebook post has already been liked thousdands of times with comments from people like Teresa Langdon who said, “This is our future leaders? SCARY” and Halinyah Yerry added: “Goes to show, people so don’t know their history.”


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